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Abbreviation for the Greek wine quality level "Onomasía Proelefséos Anotéras Piótitos" (Denomination of Origin of Higher Quality), valid until 2009. This corresponds to a quality wine. OPAP wines are marked with a red banderole running over the cork.

Another quality level is OPE (Onomasía Proelefséos Eleghoméni = controlled designation of origin). The production regulations are identical to OPAP, but in addition there are higher requirements regarding sugar content. Thus, sweet wines from the historical areas of Kefallonia, Limnos, Patras, Rhodes and Samos are declared. The OPE wines are marked with a blue banderole running over the cork.

The extensively amended EU wine market regulation of 2009 introduced the new term POP (Prostatevomenis Onomasías Proelefsis), which is valid for both. However, OPAP and OPE may continue to be used alternatively or additionally as traditional designations. See the new terms and regulations in detail under Greece, and for further information see Quality System.

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