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Courbu Blanc

The white grape variety comes from France. Synonyms are Chacolí Zuria, Courbeau, Courbi, Courbis Blanc, Courbu, Courbut Blanc, Courtoisie, Hondarribi Zuri and Vieux Pacherenc. It must not be confused with the varieties Arrufiac, Crouchen, Noah or Petit Courbu, even though synonyms or morphological similarities seem to indicate this. DNA analyses carried out in 1999 refuted the opinion of the French ampelographer Pierre Galet (1921-2019) that Courbu Blanc and Courbu Noir are colour mutations of the same variety. In the Spanish Basque Country, the three varieties grown in the mixed set, Courbu Blanc, Crouchen and Noah, are known as Hondarribi Zuri; see Hondarribi Beltza. This medium-ripening, high-yielding vine has extremely small berries. It is susceptible to botrytis and both types of mildew. The variety produces strong white wines with lemon aroma. It was already threatened with extinction and was successfully revived. Courbu Blanc is registered in south-west France in the areas of Béarn, Irouléguy, Jurançon and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh. The total area under cultivation in 2016 was 32 hectares (Kym Anderson).

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