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Craftsman's trade for the manufacture of containers and vessels, mostly of wood, for example also wine barrels. There were or different names for it according to country and region like binder, cooper or bottler (von Bottich), cooper or cooper (von Bütte), cooper, barrel maker, barrel puller, wood cooper, bucket (von Kübel), cooper, cooper, pinter, cooper, scheduler (von Schedel = hollow measure), simmer maker (von Simmer = hollow measure), barrel maker (von Tonne = hollow measure), wine cooper and Wynzuegel. The name is derived from the skid (wooden vessel); the Celts used wooden barrels for the transport of wine already around 600 BC on a large scale; therefore the craft of barrel making has an ancient tradition (see in detail under wine vessels). Until the industrialisation, there was a close connection with the brewer and the wine cooper (who was responsible for the cellar work in the wine production), or these activities were often carried out by one person. Today, the wine cooper is called a wine technologist in Germany. Today the wooden barrels are industrially produced in tonnelleries. See a complete list of relevant keywords under barrel.

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