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hod (GB)
hotte (F)
tino aperto, tino di deposito (I)

Name (dialect buttn) for the basket, usually carried on the back, used to transport grapes during the grape harvest. The names Beschoff, Bütte, Hotte, Legel, Lesebüttel and Logel are also locally different. In the past, the basket was made of wickerwork or wood, but today it is usually made of zinc plate or plastic. It holds about 30 to 40 kilograms of grapes, has a larger diameter at the top and tapers towards the bottom. In the past it was also lined with pitch (verpicht). In Franconia Butte was also a barrel measure for wine with 40 litres volume. Today, mostly flat containers are used to prevent the grapes from being crushed or injured by their own weight (picture left). See also under hollow measures and wine containers.

Butte - Szene im Weingarten und flacher Lesekorb

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