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Bordeaux bottle

Most common wine bottle shape, which started its triumphal procession around the world from Bordeaux. Especially for red wines it has become the worldwide standard, so to speak. The bottle has a cylindrical body, a pronounced shoulder (hence the shoulder bottle) and a short neck. This is also the origin of some of the designations for the filling level, i.e. liquid level (high shoulder, mid shoulder, upper shoulder, low shoulder, below shoulder). As a rule, dark-coloured glass is used for dry red and some white wines, and clear glass for sweet wines. The bottom of the bottle is slightly convex, so that sediments get into the small groove around the indentation. This prevents the deposit from stirring up when pouring. Due to the shape of the roller, stacking in a horizontal position in the wine cellar or wine climate control cabinet is also easily possible. The other two most common bottle shapes are burgundy bottle and mallet bottle. See also complete listings under the keywords bottles and wine containers.

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