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White wine

white wine (GB)
vin blanc (F)
vino bianco (I)
vinho branco (PO)
vino blanco (ES)
witte wijn (N)

Wine pressed from white (light) grape varieties, whereby the berry colour can vary greatly from white, through yellow, green, brownish to red. White wines are produced in much larger quantities (compared to red wine) especially in cooler wine-growing regions. The production process differs significantly from the more complex red wine production. In contrast to red wine, pressing takes place immediately after destemming and grinding the grapes. The fermentation of the must takes place predominantly without stems and berry skins. A special white wine is pressed from dark grapes, this technique is called Blanc de noirs (white from black) or white pressing. The example of an elaborate white wine making is given under Château d'Yquem.

Weißwein - Weintypen Rotwein, Rosé, Orange Wine, Weißweinin Gläsern

Complete lists of the numerous vinification measures and cellar techniques, as well as the types of wine, sparkling wine and distillate regulated by wine law are included under the heading "Vinification". Comprehensive information on wine law can be found under the keyword wine law.

Weißweintrauben - acht Beerenfarben

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