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Alcoholic, sweet lemonades in a trendy presentation, which today are preferably drunk by young people. They are also known as premix drinks, designer drinks, hyper drinks, ready-to-drink drinks (RTD) or refreshers. Alcopops consist of a mixture of spirits (such as rum, vodka or whisky) and lemonades, fruit juices or other sweetened drinks in which the taste of the alcohol is masked by the sweetness. The alcohol content is between 3 and 7% vol. Well-known manufacturers or brands are or were Mike's Hard Beverages, Hooper's Hooch, Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jack Daniel's Cocktail, Four Loko and VK.

Alcopops - verschiedene Marken

In Germany, a law was passed in 2004 to levy a special tax on alcoholic sweet drinks to protect young people (Alkopopsteuergesetz), which drastically reduced sales. As a result, the manufacturer Bacardi ceased production of alcopops altogether. However, the industry reacted quickly and simply produced other mixed alcoholic beverages that are not subject to the alcopop tax law and are therefore offered at a considerably lower price. Alcopop wines are also known as pejoratively marmalade tasting mainstream wines (also Coca-Cola wines). All these terms have no legal meaning. See also under wine-based drinks and mixed wine drinks.

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