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The spirit comes from the area around the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco in Mexico and is a form of the agave spirit Mezcal (Aztec "The House of the Moon"). The raw material is the "heart" of the blue agave (Agave tequilana Weber), which thrives in the protected area of origin in the regions of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas. From the "Piña", the pineapple-like core, a sweet, honey-like juice is extracted and the tequila is distilled from it. Depending on the type of aging or the aging period in oak barrels, it has a clear to dark colour (silver/blanco = unripened, gold/oro = blend blanco with aged tequila, aged/reposado = 2 months, extra aged/añejo = zum. 1 year, ultra-aged/extra-añejo = zum. 3 years). The alcoholic fermentation drink Pulque with only low alcohol content is considered the precursor. With tequila, this is usually between 38 and 40% vol., but can be more. Tequila is also a popular ingredient in cocktails, for example Black Death (with blood orange juice), Margarita (with lime juice, orange liqueur) and Sunrise (with orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine).

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