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This grape marc spirit from the island of Cyprus has been protected of origin since 2004 and is considered a national drink. It dates from the 14th century, when the island was under Venetian rule. The grape marc is mixed and distilled with high quality dry wines from the local grape varieties Mavro (red) and Xynisteri (white). The distillation is done in a large cauldron (Kazani). Afterwards it must mature for a long time. The colourless drink with mostly 45% alcohol content by volume has a light raisin aroma. But there is also a red Zivania, which gets its colour from the addition of cinnamon. In Cyprus, especially in the mountain villages, the schnapps is considered a panacea for treating and disinfecting wounds, massaging aching body parts, relieving toothache or simply for warming up in cold seasons.

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