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The red grape variety originates from Slovenia or the old Austria (Habsburg monarchy). There are about 100 synonyms, which indicate a great age and (formerly) wide distribution in many countries. Some of them are Beggar's Grape, Blue Hainer, Blue Cologne, Bleu de Cologne, Cernina, Cernina Velka, Columella Parientalis, Grobschwarze, Gros Bleu, Grossmilcher, Kapcina, Karcina Großkölner, Kavčina Crna, Kölner Blau, Kölni Kék, Modra Kavčina, Plava Velica, Žametasta Črnina and Žametna Črnina. There is documentary evidence of cultivation in Styria in an ampelographic work from 1820, at which time present-day Slovenia was also part of the Habsburg Empire. Today, however, it no longer plays a role in Austria. In the vine museum of the Leth Franz winery (Fels am Wagram, Lower Austria), there are a few vines under the name Beggar's Grape. There were also colour mutations. The late ripening vine is sensitive to frost. It yields a red wine with a strong acidity, which is mainly used as a blend. However, it is also used as a table grape and ornamental vine.

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