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Ornamental Vines

Name (also garden vines, wall vines, trellis vines, fence vines) for mostly very vigorous lianas of the Vitaceae family (grapevine family), which are mainly used to embellish house walls or walls and are grown on trellises. Enjoyment of the fruit is not the main focus, but is a pleasant side effect if necessary. The most important criteria for ornamental vines are beautifully shaped large leaves with attractive discoloration in autumn, as well as actively twining tendrils that hold the spreading leaf shoots. Because of susceptibility to fungus and phylloxera, European v ines (Vitis vinifera) are not very suitable. The Asian species Vitis coignetiae (Japanese vine) and fungus-resistant varieties of various American vines such as Vitis californica, Vitis labrusca, Vitis riparia and Vitis rupestris are popular.

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