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Sea level

The height above sea level (hence also sea level) refers to various geodetic altitudes. A mean sea level is specified as the zero level, which may be determined from local measurements or set by definition. After specifying a zero level, altitude data are in principle independent of the actual sea level. Depending on the country, different height definitions are usually used. For reference heights of national surveys, the defined mean value of a coastal level or a datum point inland was often used as a reference for a zero point. In viticulture, the altitude of vineyards is a significant factor with regard to the grape varieties used and vineyard management, as well as a major influencing factor on the quality of a wine in connection with soil type and climate. The altitude of vineyards also plays an important role in the suitability of a vineyard for viticulture. See also under highest vine yard, northernmost vineyard and southernmost vine yard, as well as a list of relevant keywords under the keyword vine.

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