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The joint enjoyment of wine and cigar can be a perfect combination, for which there are some rules, as with the topic of "which wine with which food". The taste of the cigar also influences the taste of the wine. The temperature also plays an important role, too cold wine usually makes the cigar appear very sour. Some wine journals take this topic into account editorially, for example Falstaff and Wine Spectator. There are also renowned wine critics, such as James Suckling, who not only evaluate and describe the quality of wines but also of cigars.

Zigarren - Rotweinglas und Zigarre / Zigarrenbrand und Zigarre

As with wine, the origin of cigars also plays a role. Especially cigars from Cuba go through several phases in the course of the smoke, therefore a single wine does not necessarily fit from beginning to end. In the beginning they are usually milder and creamier, more neutral white wines such as Pinot Blanc or Chardonnay are recommended. Less suitable in this phase are acidic wines such as Riesling or Grüner Veltliner, as they make the cigar taste bitter. After about a third the cigar becomes spicier and more earthy, here you should switch to red wine. The vanilla aroma from the barrique harmonizes perfectly with the aromas of the cigar

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