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Cassis Name for the black currant (Austrian "schwarze Ribisel"), or essence produced from it (thick syrup). According to the taxonomic system, the plant belongs to the subclass Rosidae (rose plants), as does the grapevine. The berries contain terpenes with spicy, finely acidic aromas as well as very high levels of vitamin C. In the context of a wine address, "cassis" is often also used to describe the aroma of a red wine, especially typical of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.

A flower bud extract obtained from blackcurrants is used in the perfumery industry. In Germany, blackcurrants are often used to produce a spirit known as "Aufgesetzter". In this process, the fruits are "put on" with various herbs, sugar and ethyl alcohol in a sealed container. The brandy dissolves the aromatic substances from the fruits and herbs. At the beginning, the vessels are shaken every few days to accelerate the extraction

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