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The red grape variety comes from France. Synonyms are Baclan, Baclans, Becclan, Beitran, Durau, Dureau, Margillin Petit, Petit Béclan, Petit Dureau, Petit Margillin, Roussette Noir, Saunoir and Süßschwarz. Despite apparently indicative synonyms or sometimes great morphological similarities, it should not be confused with the Durif, Peloursin (with synonym Gros Béclan) or Pinot Noir varieties. The early-ripening, low-yielding vine is susceptible to downy mildew. It produces light-coloured, rather low-alcohol red wines. In a catalogue of grape varieties published in 1897 by ampelographer Charles Rouget, around 500 hectares are still mentioned. In 2010, it occupied only half a hectare in the Jura region (Kym Anderson).

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