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The red grape variety comes from France. Synonyms are Ambrosina, Bonifaccenco, Carignan de Bedouin, Carignan de Gigondas, Grosse Rogettaz, Gueyne, Mariscola, Morescola, Motardie, Moustardier, Moustardier Noir, Moutardier, Murescola and Quenoise. Although it may appear to have synonyms or similar morphological or naming characteristics, it should not be confused with the Aubin Blanc, Aubin Vert or its relative Counoise (with which it is often mixed in older vineyards and shares some synonyms such as Quenoise). According to DNA analyses carried out in 2012, it is a parent of the Mourvaison variety. However, the parentage (parenthood) is unknown.

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