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Vitis amurensis

One of about 30 Asian species or wild vines with the complete botanical name Vitis amurensis Rupr. It was first described in 1857 by the Austrian botanist Franz Josef Ruprecht (1814-1870), which is also included in the name. Botanical synonyms or old names are Vitis vinifera var. amurensis Regel, because the German botanist Eduard A. Regel (1815-1892) considered it a vinifera variety, and Vitis thunbergii. The vine is widespread in the temperate regions of China and Russia as far as Korea and Japan. It owes its name Amur vine to its origin in the Amur river valley, which forms the Russian-Chinese border for over 2,000 kilometres. It grows mainly in the valleys of rivers and streams as well as in forests, where it also climbs up trees.

Vitis amurensis - Rebstock im Herbst und grüne Blätter

The vine has an extremely high resistance to frost down to minus 45 °Celsius. It is also well resistant to the fungal disease anthracnose and sufficiently resistant to powdery and downy mildew. For this reason, it is often used as a partner for the new breeding of fungus- and frost-resistant grape varieties and rootstocks in order to bring in these sought-after characteristics. The grapes with spherical dark blue to black berries produce an acid-rich wine that is more suitable for distillation than for quality wine.

Known new varieties with Vitis amurensis genes are Alföld 100, Allegro, Anmeigui, Arolanka, Baotuhong, Baron, Bashkanskii Krasnyi, Beichun, Blütenmuskateller, Bronner, Cabernet Cantor, Cabernet Carbon, Cabernet Carol, Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Severny, Calastra, Dalnevostochnyi Tikhonova, Fioletovy Ranny, GM 6493 and GM 6494, Golubok, Kaberam, Kunleány, Lanka, Michurinets, Mitschurinski, Monarch, Muscaris, Muscat Donskoi, Negritienok, Negru de Yaloven, Pervenets Magaracha, Petra, Podarok Magaracha, Prior, Rani Rizling, Rondo, Saperavi Severny, Serena, Severny, Severny Bely, Sibera, Skif, Solaris, Souvignier Gris, Vympel, Xiongynebai, Yüluzhu, Zarya Severa, Zilga and Zlata. See also under vine systematics.

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