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The Greek historian, geographer and ethnologist Hēródotos of Halicarnassus (482-425 BC) is considered the "father of historiography". In his youth he travelled the Greek world at that time, Egypt, Babylonia, Persia and the Kyrenaica (historical landscape in Libya). In his nine "Histories" he describes the tension between the Eastern Persian and Western Greek world. Herodotus also devotes himself extensively to wine and describes the winemaking and drinking culture of many countries he visited. He reports that barrels made of palm wood were used for the transport of wine by ship on the Euphrates. His claim that in Egypt wine was made exclusively from barley cannot be true, however, because grape wine was produced here many centuries before his visit. See also under Ancient Wines.

Herodot - Landkarte Welt von Herodot und Kopf

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