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gentle pruning

This is a gentle form of pruning, named after Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, wine experts from the Italian Friuli region. Colloquially known as "gentle pruning" or "healthy pruning". The method developed in the 1980s is nothing fundamentally new, but is based on very old experiences or practices that have been adapted to the requirements of modern viticulture. The focus is on the health of the vine with a significant extension of the life cycle of the vine to at least 50 years, i.e. twice the current average age. Thus, the philosophy of high quality of old vines, already considered obsolete in some cases, is regaining importance.

Simonit&Sirch-Methode - Marco Simonit und Pierpaolo Sirch

According to Simonit and Sirch, the longevity of a vine depends above all on correct pruning that does not damage the vital parts. The...

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