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Riede in the Großlage Bisamberg (Wien, Lower Austria), see there.

The 358-metre-high mountain lies in the district of Korneuburg in Lower Austria, with the southern foothills reaching as far as Floridsdof, the 21st district in the north of Vienna. Vineyards are cultivated here on a large scale and the Bisamberg also gave its name to Großlage. Bisamberg is the only one of Vienna's five large vineyards to be located on the left bank of the Danube; diagonally opposite on the right bank are the two large vineyards Kahlenberg and Nußberg. The largest share of Bisamberg belongs to the municipality of Bisamberg, which lies at the north-western foot; other shares are held by the municipalities of Langenzersdorf and Hagenbrunn (all three wine-growing regions Weinviertel, Lower Austria), as well as Floridsdorf with the largest Viennese wine-growing village Stammersdorf with numerous Heurigen (wine-growing region Vienna). To the west, the Bisamberg slopes steeply down to the Danube.

Bisamberg - Kellergasse Kleinengersdorf


If not already the Illyrians (until 500 BC), the Celts certainly already cultivated vines on the Bisamberg. Then came the Romans and cultivated the vines they had brought with them in the province of Pannonia. After the devastation of the migration of peoples, winegrowing was revived under Charlemagne (742-814). A vineyard on the Bisamberg was first mentioned in the 12th century, when around 1150/1160 a "Pertholdus von Urliugesdorf" dedicated a vineyard on the "Bůsinberg" to the altar of St. Mary at Klosterneuburg. In the 16th century, a heyday was reached; in 1542, Bisamberger wine...

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