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The semi-metal (B) occurs naturally in the form of its oxygen compounds as a trace element in the soil as borax and kernite. Boron is an essential trace element for plants. In humans, it promotes bone formation, alleviates arthrosis and arthritis, increases testosterone levels and improves the effect of vitamin D.

Bor - Bor und Borax

Plant growth

In plant growth, including grapevines, boron has an important function in cell division, cell differentiation, cell elongation and tissue formation, as well as in the metabolism of nucleic acid and protein synthesis.

A boron deficiency occurs particularly during dryness or drought in connection with a lack of water. With a slight deficiency, the leaves are light and dark green marbled. If the deficiency is more severe, the younger leaves become shiny, discoloured from the edges, curl and die. The leaves are asymmetrical (crooked) and somewhat torn. This leads to chicken disease(small berries) and chlorosis. This is eliminated with boron salt fertilisation or leaf dusting.

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