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well-balanced (GB)
en balance (F)
equilibrato (I)
wellbalanced (GB)
équilibré (F)

Positive description (also rounded, balanced, equilibrated, balanced, harmonious) for the overall picture of a wine in terms of taste and smell in the context of a wine appeal. Such a wine contains all components such as alcohol, extract, fruit, acidity and tannin in a balanced or equilibrium. The substances accentuate each other and result in a harmonious structure or well-proportioned body. The alcohol content is an important factor, as alcohol acts as an aroma carrier, i.e. it binds aroma substances to itself. An optimal ratio is also called "sweet spot". During vinification, attempts are made to achieve this degree of harmony, for example by reducing the alcohol content. Related terms of balanced are integrated and round. An unbalanced ratio or an overemphasis of components, on the other hand, is called massy. See regarding the maturing process of a wine under aging and bottle aging, as well as regarding the optimal moment of consumption under drinking maturity.

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