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structure (GB)
struttura (I)
estructura (ES)
estrutura (PO)
structure (F)

Designation (also architecture, skeleton, skeleton, framework) for the overall picture of a wine with regard to taste and smell in the context of a wine appeal. The structure is the sum of the various components in the wine (see also under total extract). These are mainly acids, tannins, colorants and residual sugar, as well as the alcohol content. Such a wine is also often described with the adjective "grippy" (or the English "with grip"). In a complex way, these substances can support and positively increase each other, but also paralyze and thus cancel each other out. In a more or less harmonious way they merge into an overall picture and give the wine its personality. In the ideal case, the result is a balanced ratio of all components. The two terms body and texture are somewhat less comprehensive to understand.

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