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Sylvoz Education

An educational system named after the Italian winemaker Carlo Sylvoz from Conegliano in the Veneto wine region. It is one of the many variants of espalier education and in a broader sense also belongs to the large group of so-called cordon education systems. At a trunk height of 140 to 160 centimetres, a one-armed cordon is pulled downwards (downwards instead of upwards, therefore reverse training). As fruit wood, two long fruit arches with about ten eyes are cut, pulled down in a vertical direction and attached to a wire. A prerequisite is that the vines are well grown. However, this system is not recommended for dry growing areas.

Sylvoz-Erziehung  und Steirische Bogenerziehung

A similar system is the Casarsa system, in which the long cut fruit-rods remain hanging freely. Very similar is also the Styrian arch training with double-decker planting and the identical Hudson River Umbrella training in the USA. The similar Umbrella Kniffin system, named after its inventor, is also used in California for the Concord, among others, which is shown in the video (click to view). See also a list of all systems under Educational Form.

Picture left: By Bauer Karl - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Picture right: From Bauer Karl - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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