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Sick wine

Popular name for wines that were formerly prescribed for various diseases and ailments, although the actual effect was often not given. One of the oldest wines which has been said to have healing properties is the famous sweet wine Commandaria from the island of Cyprus. Many of the ancient authors praised the generally positive effects and healing power of wine. Depending on its use, there were names such as blood wine, childbed wine, strength wine, medicinal wine and fortifying wine. All these and similar names were banned by a decree of the Prussian Ministry of the Interior in 1912, because by their very nature they were subject to much abuse. A dictum in the Middle Ages was "Frankenwein is sick wine". This was based on the alleged fact that the number of people suffering from cholera and plague in Franconia was very low in comparison to other areas. However, it is possible that this is also connected with the two famous wine-growing Würzburg hospital estates Bürgerspital and Juliusspital

Until 1988, a pharmacist in Würzburg sold wine as medicine under the slogan "Frankenwein ist Krankenwein" (Franconian wine is sick wine), before a Munich court finally banned this in 1991 after a long trial. A wine from the Swiss canton of Valais was said to have particularly healing powers. It was made from the Humagne Blanche variety, served to women who had recently given birth and was called "childbed wine". Red wines with a blood-red, dark colour were called "Blutwein". These were seen as a haematopoietic, blood improving agent. The regular but moderate consumption of wine in good health is often described as positive. For beverages with an alcohol content of more than 1.2% by volume, the EU wine labelling law prohibits any health reference on the label and in statements classified as advertising.

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