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Description (also gentle) for the taste of a wine in the context of a wine address. It has a low acidity, or if the residual sugar content is higher, the acidity fades into the background. For red wines this means only weakly pronounced tannins. Related terms are balanced, round, velvety and smooth

In the case of sparkling wine (see the table of sweetness there), "mild" means a residual sugar of more than 50 g/l as regulated by EU regulation. One should not be confused that this is called doux, sweet, dolce and dulce in other languages. Due to the carbonic acid the sweetness recedes into the background, so that "sweet" would not be the appropriate description. The perception threshold for the recognition of sugar is already given with 3 g/l for still wines, but for sparkling wines only with about 15 g/l.

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