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Probus Marcus Aurelius

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus (232-282) secured the Rhine and Danube lines in his battles against the Franks, Alemanni, Burgundians, Vandals and Goths. In 280, he lifted the ban imposed by Emperor Domitian (51-96) in 92 on planting vines in the provinces outside Italy. In the "Historia Augusta" it is mentioned: Gallis omnibus et Hispanis ac Brittannis hinc permisit, ut vites haberent vinumque conficerent (He allowed all Gauls, Spaniards and Britons to own vines and make wine). In Germany and Austria, he is regarded as the founder of viticulture and is even brought close to wine gods. In the wine-growing village of Grinzing in Wien there is even a lane named after him, but the emperor probably never visited this Roman border settlement. Although he provided important impulses, his achievements have been somewhat exaggerated, for example by the French chemist Jean-Antoine Chaptal (1756-1832). However, it is undisputed that he had a positive influence on viticulture throughout Europe.

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