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molybdenum (GB)
molibdeno (ES)
molybdène (F)
molibdeno (I)
molibdênio (PO)
molybdeen (N)

Silver-white very hard heavy metal or element (Mo), which occurs in nature mainly as molybdenite (molybdenum luster, water lead) and wulfenite (yellow lead ore) and is counted among the trace elements. In small quantities it is important as a nutrient for the vine as a component of enzymes. It seems to be of particular importance during flowering. Furthermore, it is an important trace element for legumes (legumes), because the bacteria living in symbiosis with them (nodule bacteria) are able to bind atmospheric nitrogen with an enzyme containing molybdenum (nitrogenase). A molybdenum deficiency is most likely to occur on acid sandy soils and leads to reduced yields

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