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Julius Caesar

The Roman general and statesman Julius Caeser (100-44 BC) completed the career of office and reached the consulship in 59 BC. In the following years he went to the northern provinces of Illyria (west of the Balkan Peninsula) and Gaul, which had been settled by the Celts and so named by the Romans. In the years 58 to 51 BC, he conquered this very large area as far as the Rhine. Gaul essentially corresponded to the present-day countries of France and Belgium, as well as parts of western Germany (Trier was in Gaul), a north-western third of Switzerland, northern Italy and the present-day Croatian peninsula of Istria. During these campaigns, he came into contact with or was influenced by the culture and also (where present) the viticulture of these peoples, and Roman knowledge of viticulture was imparted.

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