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Vitis vulpina

One of about 30 American species or wild vines with the complete botanical name Vitis vulpina L.. It was first described in 1753 by the Swedish natural scientist Carl von Linné (1707-1778). The name "vulpina" means "vixen", which refers to the foxton or strawberry clay. Trivial synonyms are Vixen Grape, Winter Grape or Frost Grape (because of frost hardness) and Suftrebe. A botanical synonym or old name is Vitis cordifolia. Together with the two species Vitis palmata and Vitis monticola the group Cordifoliae is formed. The vine is found in Canada (Ontario), as well as in many states in the eastern half of the USA. It thrives on riverbanks and floodplains on sandy and gravelly soils in sunny and cool locations and can climb 15 to 20 metres high with its foxy red tendrils.

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