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Term (Greek lēptós "graspable, comprehensible", i.e. "exciting a sense organ" or "touching senses and organs") for the taste testing of food according to a certain evaluation scheme by the human senses without technical or other aids (sensory testing). Organoleptic parameters are those characteristics of wine that can be sensory assessed during a wine evaluation (assessment) or wine approach (description): Colouring, smell, taste or turbidity. To be distinguished from these are the physical-chemical parameters that are recorded trigeminally (partial aspect of haptic perception). These are temperature and pH value(acidic or basic with regard to acids).

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The Wine lexicon helps me to keep up to date and refresh my knowledge. Thank you for this Lexicon that will never end in terms of topicality! That's what makes it so exciting to come back often.

Thorsten Rahn
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