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Single location in the municipality of Neuweier (Ortenau area) in the German Baden growing region. Wines from this site were already bottled in Bocksbeutel bottles at the beginning of the 19th century. This exception for, among others, the municipality of Neuweier is still valid today. The vineyards, which are oriented southwest to south, at an altitude of 180 to 290 metres above sea level with 50 to 80%, as well as in some plots with 20 to 50% slope, comprise 40 hectares of vineyard area. Exposed areas or plots are "Mauer-Wein" and "Das Goldene Loch". The former is a steep slope with dry stone walls. The second owes its name to the last rays of sunshine of the day, which make the basin-shaped area appear in a golden light. The wines grown here are also marketed under these additional designations. The municipality of Neuweier has the right to bottle the wines in Bocksbeutel. The deep soils consist of weathered porphyry rubble, granite, loess and loam with quartz porphyry and basalt rock in the subsoil. Riesling is cultivated here above all. The Fendt Weinfamilie, Nägelsförst, Nieger Sven and Schloss Neuweier wineries, for example, have their share of the site.

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