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Area in the Swiss canton of Vaud; see there.

Canton and wine-growing region with the capital Lausanne in French-speaking Switzerland. The vineyards cover 3,882 hectares. The beginnings of viticulture date back to the Romans. In the Middle Ages, the Cistercian order carried out important pioneering work, whose monks laboriously wrested the majority of the vineyards that still exist today from the steep slopes. An AOC system with Grand Cru sites has been in place since 1995. The use of the designation Grand Cru is permitted (tolerated) throughout the entire cantonal territory provided that the wines in question come from sites listed in the vineyard register and bear designations such as Clos (closed vineyard), Château (castle), Domaine (wine-growing domain) or Abbaye (monastic abbey). The canton is divided into four areas, one in the Three Lakes Region and three on Lake Geneva (Lac Léman):

Bonvillars actually comprises three appellations, namely Bonvillars with 195 hectares (including the well-known municipality of Champagne), Côtes de l'Orbe with 168 hectares - both on Lake Neuchâtel (Lac de Neuchâtel), and Vully on Lake Morat (Lac de Morat) with 50 hectares. However, they are usually referred to together under Bonvillars or rarely as Nord-Vaudois (North Vaud), because it is the northernmost growing area. Vully is special because this appellation covers...

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