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Florian von Lorch

Saint Florian was born in Cannabiaca (today's Zeiselmauer near Tulln, Lower Austria). The name means "the flowering one", his day of remembrance is the 4th of May. He became an officer of the second legion of the Roman army in Cetium, today's St. Pölten (capital of Lower Austria). After his conversion to Christianity he gave up his brilliant career. After many torments he suffered martyrdom together with the 40 Christians who were captured with him, because he refused to renounce Christianity. He was drowned with a millstone around his neck around 304 in Lauriacum (today's Lorch an der Enns, Upper Austria) in the Enns. In his youth he is said to have saved a burning house through his prayer, which is the reason for his special patron saint for the fire brigade (Floriansjünger). He is also the patron saint of potters, coopers, stove-fitters, blacksmiths, chimney-sweeps, soap boilers and brewers and helps in case of drought, infertility of the fields, burns, fire, water and storm. In the Czech Republic the new variety Floriánka was named in his honour. See also under wine gods and wine saints.

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