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Champagne bucket

The optimal wine temperature also plays an important role when drinking sparkling wine. A metal or glass container for storing the bottle at the table must be dimensioned so that most of the bottle is covered by the water/ice mixture. Water and ice should be mixed in a 50:50 ratio. The water dissipates the heat within a short time. After already 20 to 30 minutes in the ice water solution the ideal serving temperature for the champagne (sparkling wine) is reached. A napkin is draped over the neck of the bottle to dry the bottle and is placed between the palm of the hand and the bottle when pouring. Many champagne houses supply not only champagne but also beautiful champagne buckets, which then contain the name/brand. This means a restriction in use. Because it is not very stylish to cool a ruin in, for example, a bucket from Krug (and vice versa, of course). To keep wine bottles cool after serving, there are coolers made of clay or glass or so-called cooling sleeves. Regarding different wine cooling techniques, see Rapid Ice, Ravi Wine Chiller and Wine Chiller.

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