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The state in the southeast of the USA with the capital Frankfort is today only of historical importance in American viticulture. In 1799 in Jessamine-County near Lexington, the immigrant Swiss wine-growing pioneer Jean Jacques Dufour (1763-1827) planted a vineyard of 35 different varieties on a loop of the Kentucky River. Among other things, he used the historical hybrid Alexander. This vineyard is considered to be the first commercially managed winery in the United States. Until the American prohibition (1920-1933) Kentucky was still the third largest wine producer in the USA

The only AVA classified is Ohio River Valley, which shares Kentucky with the three states of Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. There are about ten production plants, the center of viticulture is around Louisville. Well-known wineries are Broad Run Vineyards, Chrisman Mill Vineyards and Winery (in Lexington - considered the successor of the historic Dufour Winery), Highland Winery, Lovers Leap Vineyard & Winery, Stovers Family Vineyard, Springhill Vineyards and Winery and Rolling Hills Winery. There is also a grape variety named after the state; see Kentucky.

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