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Holiday wine

Rather pejorative term for the quality of a wine that is associated with positive and delightful memories of a holiday. It was enjoyed in a rustic restaurant on the edge of a pine forest with a view of a bay in bright sunshine or a romantic sunset with soft background music in the company of friends and/or your beloved partner, and it tasted phenomenal. The description of the "delicacy" is exuberant in mainly hedonistic form as dreamlike, enchanting, overwhelming, stunning and unforgettable. Still completely drunk from the wine and this happy experience, one buys not only one, but a whole case of bottles and is happy to open one of them at home at a suitable opportunity and to wallow in memories.

Urlaubswein - Sonnenuntergang am Meer mit Palmen

And now comes the big disappointment. What on holiday was like a wine of the century or tasted like "a wine to make a hero" now tastes horrible, boring and empty. Was the wine spoiled in the hot trunk on the journey home or was it perhaps already defective before? No, the only logical explanation is that at that time it was not the wine that excited us, but the wonderful ambience. Who does not know such examples with Italian (e.g. Chianti - with about 7,000 producers there is inevitably a quality range from "Plörre to top wine"), Greek (e.g. Retsina) or Spanish wines (e.g. Rioja - analogous to Chianti), as well as of course with Austrian (e.g. Uhudler) or German wines (e.g. Liebfrauenmilch). An optimal enjoyment of wine always depends on the occasion, company, mood and location.

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