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Species-rich family (Auchenorrhyncha) of insects, also called "chirps" because of the characteristic sound. Most of the approximately 40,000 species are very strikingly coloured. All of them have a proboscis and a sucking pump for feeding, which is done by piercing and sucking out certain parts of the plant. Most species are restricted or specialised to very specific food plants. The body length is usually between 2 and 40 millimetres, in a few species up to 70 millimetres. Because of their jumping ability (hence leafhoppers), they are often confused with grasshoppers, to which they are not related. They can jump up to 70 centimetres from a standing position. In comparison, a human being would have to jump 200 metres.

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The Wine lexicon helps me to stay up to date and refresh my knowledge. Thank you for this Lexicon that will never end in terms of topicality! That's what makes it so exciting to visit more often.

Thorsten Rahn
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