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English term (legs, also tears for tears) for the phenomenon of the church windows that appear on the inner wall when the wineglass is swung; see there.

Designation (also legs, legs, windows, tears) for the liquid formations on the inner wall of a wine glass, which are (can be) formed when the glass is swivelled in a circle. A more or less high, vertically arranged film of liquid (wine) is formed by the swivelling. At the upper edge the film begins to thicken and contracts into viscous, tear-like drops. These then flow back down again to the liquid level. The decisive factor for the phenomenon with wine is the mixture of water and alcohol, but it would also work with any other mixture of two liquids with different boiling points. With pure water or pure alcohol alone it would therefore not occur. In the right picture you can see the tears or church windows in the shadow (see arrow).

Kirchernfenster - zwei Weingläser mit Kirchenfenstern

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