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Single location in the community of Bernkastel (Bernkastel area) in the German Mosel wine region. The name, which has not been clearly clarified, is derived from a legend that cannot be verified. The Archbishop of Trier, Boemund II. (1354-1362) was seriously ill with fever in 1360 at Landshut Castle. No medicine helped and all medical art was in vain. Finally he was supposedly cured by drinking two bottles of Bernkasteler wine. As a sign that the wine was "the true Doctor", the vineyard was given the privilege by the Elector to call himself "Bernkasteler Doctor" from now on. The name, however, was probably only created in the 17th century, when the clergyman Dr. Heinrich Linden inherited the vineyard in 1677. However, it is documented that King Edward VII. (1841-1910) of Great Britain drank it as "medicine".

In 1900, Carl Wegeler, a member of the commercial council and co-owner of the Deinhard sparkling wine cellar, bought a third of the vineyard including the wines in the cellar for the then enormous sum of 100 Goldmarks per vine or square metre. Other prominent wine connoisseurs included Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941), the later US President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) and the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967). It is documented that during their trip to Moscow in September 1955, the Adenauer delegation carried bottles of the 1950s Bernkasteler Doctor Spätlese, which were handed over at lunch during the talks on September 11 and as guest gifts to the USSR politicians Bulganin, Khrushchev and Molotov.

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