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decanter (GB)
carafe (F)
caraffa (I)

Designation (from Arabic ġarrāfa = water lifting wheel with shovels) for a bulbous vessel in what used to be mostly bottle-like shape. A smaller format is called a carafe. A special variant for cooling purposes is the so-called "cold duck" with a mostly removable insert for crushed ice. Such vessels were particularly popular from the second half of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century for serving various beverages. In student fraternities, a carafe is understood to be a drinking vessel for beer that is to be emptied in one go in a drinking competition.

Karaffe - alte Typen

So-called decanting carafes are available for serving or decanting wines. These are usually made of glass or crystal gall to allow the colour and clarity of a wine to be appreciated. A large-bellied shape is ideal in order to achieve a large liquid surface and thus optimum aeration, i.e. ample contact with oxygen. Very popular are also decanting ducks in form of this feathered animal. The volume is such that at least a 0.75-litre bottle can be decanted. Carafes are often equipped with a silver or silver-plated mount (neck, handle and lid). Furthermore, there are also specimens with a glass stopper. See also under wine vessels and wine enjoyment.

Karaffen - neuere Typen
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