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A term used in the context of a wine-tasting speech to describe the "deliciousness" (good taste) of a wine. This is often based on an excessively fruity or sweetish taste (completely dry wines are usually not called "delicious"). Professional wine critics, however, hardly use the already inflationary used term or even vehemently reject it, because its meaning is far too unclear/imprecise. In the opinion of critics, "lecker" has completely degenerated into a noun like "mega", "horny" or "full" and has spread at the expense of a more differentiated way of expressing itself, as well as the superficial "delicious taste" has spread at the expense of a genuine, differentiated taste. Not infrequently, so-called Coca-Cola wines (mainstream wines) are described as "delicious". See also under the taste terms marmalade and dropsig.

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