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Yeast set storage

Hefesatzlagerung Vinification method in which the wine is left on the lees for a long time after the end of fermentation. Either it is stored on the full yeast (also coarse yeast, sediment after fermentation) or on the fine yeast (fine yeast particles suspended in the wine after racking in other containers). The French designation is "sur lie" or "tirage sur lie". According to a report by Cato the Elder (234-149 BC), this method was already known to the Romans in ancient times. This favours malolactic fermentation and allows additional flavours such as mannoproteins and carbon dioxide to enter the wine. This gives the wine a pleasant yeast note and a fresh, tangy taste. The duration depends on the type of wine, but can be over several months or even longer. In principle, yeast storage is common in the production of sparkling wine(champagne, sparkling wine), where it is a fixed, indispensable part of production.

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