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The white grape variety originates from Spain. Synonyms are Cartoixà, Cartuxa, Moll, Pansa Blanca, Pansal, Premsal Blanca, Xarell-Lo, Xarel-Lo, Xarel-Lo (a peculiarity is the special "dot" used only in Spain), Xarello Blanco, Xarelo, Xarelo Blanco and Xerello. Despite seemingly suggestive synonyms or morphological similarities, it should not be confused with the Cayetana Blanca, Macabeo or Prensal varieties. Supposedly, the name derives from the Italian "chiarello", meaning clairet (French term for a light red wine type). It was mentioned under the name Xerello as early as 1785 in its probable place of origin, Penedès. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2015, it originated from a presumably natural cross Hebén x Brustiano Faux. However, this is based on only 20 DNA markers (see molecular genetics for more information). There is also the color mutation with reddish berries Xarello Rosado. Whether there is a relationship to the varieties Xarello Cataluna, Xarello Mascalese or Xarello Negro is not known.

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