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Wood taste

goût de bois (F)
gusto di legno (I)

Description (also acorn, woody, tangy taste, Neuerl) for the wine taste, which has been aged or stored in insufficiently wine-green (impure) wooden barrels. This causes undesirable tannins to be transferred to the wine. This causes a brownish-yellow colour and an unpleasant woody, scratchy, greenish-acidic taste of sawdust and tan (tanning agent). Another missing note is the similar barrel taste, which occurs mainly in old, badly cleaned barrels. Both wine faults can be prevented by wet conservation or fought with activated carbon.

However, both wine faults should not be confused with the toast aroma (often referred to as wood tone or wood for short), which is typical of barrique ageing and has a positive connotation. In France, the term "boisé" (wood flavour) can also be found on labels and thus indicates barrique ageing.

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