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Wire frame

This term can have different meanings in viticulture:


With regard to sparkling wine closure (wire mesh over the cork), see under agraffe, and with regard to bottle wrapper (as in Rioja or Cariñena), see under alambrado.

vine training

Component of support systems

Drahtrahmen - Burgund

An indispensable part of support systems in many forms of vine training in the vineyard. The shoots are fastened to the wire frame (stapling), thus guiding them in a desired shape and supporting the climbing. Depending on the height of the trunk, one speaks of a low (picture below), a medium-high and a high form. This method largely replaced the traditional single-pole training (cane culture) with the high culture from the 1950s onwards. This vine training also enables mechanical processing in the vineyard, such as the use of a full harvester. The mostly galvanised wires are stretched between the vines at different heights. Depending on the load to be carried (grapes or foliage), different wire thicknesses are used. There are also movable staple wire holders on the support pillars, with which the height of the wires can be flexibly changed depending on the growth of the vines. See also complete lists under the two keywords vine training (systems) vineyard maintenance (activities).

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