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Wine Styria

The predecessor of the association in Austrian Styria (Austria) was the market association "Steirischer Wein", founded in 1987. The aim was to market Styrian wine as a worldwide unique rarity. The trademark was the Styrian bouteille with an embossed panther (provincial heraldic animal) on the capsule at the neck of the bottle. A wine brand founded by the community in 1995 was Steirischer Junker.

In July 2015, at the general assembly of the Market Community of Styrian Wine, the decision was made by a two-thirds majority to merge the Regional "Styrian Wine Committee" and the Market Community of Styrian Wine into "Wein Steiermark" and thus into one marketing level. The Styrian wine-growing enterprises will be supported in the marketing of quality wines. The aim is to address the demanding wine customer in a targeted manner and thus also open up new markets. This is achieved by means of an advertising line adapted to Styrian wine as well as by joint high-level wine presentations at home and abroad. The most important actions and tasks carried out by Wein Steiermark are

  • The Styrian Junker: A joint presentation of this wine brand takes place annually in several Austrian federal states.
  • The vintage presentations of Styrian wines take place in March/April at different locations in Austria.
  • The Open Cellar Days: Throughout the entire wine country, participating winegrowers open their cellars to customers and friends of Styrian wine and allow a look behind the scenes.

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