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Wine lifter

A vessel, usually made of glass or metal (also known as a barrel lifter, siphon, sample lifter, swab), with which wine is taken from a larger container(barrel) for sampling. The classical form consists of a tube up to 50 centimetres long, which is extended in the upper part like a bocksbeute (upper picture). However, there are also some in cylindrical form (lower picture). The tube can also be provided with a measuring scale. The tube is dipped into the wine and the upper part is filled with the desired quantity by suction. Then the end of the tube is closed at the top with the thumb. The ambient air pressure ensures that the wine does not run out. The wine can then be poured into a glass by lifting the thumb. There are also devices with a small hand pump in the form of a balloon. See also under Chantepleure and wine vessels.

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