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Wine guide

wine guide (GB)
vin guide (F)
guida dei vini (I)
guía de vino (ES)

Printed works appearing in many countries in the form of journals, brochures, journals, books, catalogues, magazines, leaflets and tasting notes, but increasingly also in the form of online portals in which wines, sparkling wines and spirits are qualitatively evaluated and verbally described using a points system. Online applications such as websites and various social media platforms (blogs, YouTube clips), in which the results are put online immediately and are therefore far more up-to-date, are becoming increasingly important. In these, both the products and the producers are evaluated according to certain criteria.

Weinführer - GaultMillau, Hachette, Penin, Gambero Rosso, Falstaff

The evaluation is carried out by professional tasters or wine critics in the form of points, such as the 20-point or 100-point system, as well as symbols such as bottles, grapes, stars and glasses, whereby in this case the maximum number is usually between three and five. The works listed below have different concepts and contents, but they all have in common that wines are described(wine address) and judged and evaluated(wine rating). The boundaries between a wine journal/magazine with a wine evaluation part and a "real" wine guide focusing on producers with their wines are fluid. Some are only available on paper, and most also have online portals. The leading European internet platform on the subject of wine is Wine Plus. The wine guide contains over 130,000 wines evaluated and described according to the 100-point system; the wine lexicon contains over 23,000 keywords.

Weinführer - Wein-Plus

See also under literature, awards, wine list, wine critics and wine events.

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