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Wine flower

Plant species - Christmas rose

Formerly common name in Germany, especially in the Palatinate, for the Christmas rose (also Christwurz, Snowroses, Black hellebore, Christmas rose), whose white or reddish flowers appear from December to February. It must not be confused with the wine rose (apple rose). The vine flower or Christmas rose was once considered sacred and was attributed the power to cure the plague. According to old folk belief, the more numerous and magnificent the flower bloomed around Christmas, the better the prospects for the coming autumn and thus also for the grape harvest. According to an old recipe, a Christmas rose wine was also made from these flowers. Two finely cut snow roses (two ounces) were mixed with two pounds of Spanish wine, which was placed in a vial in the sun during the Dog Days (period from July 23rd to August 23rd). According to another recipe, it was made from the dried rootstock. The mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) recommended Christmas wine as a remedy for circulatory problems, stomach cramps and vomiting. See also under Viticulture customs and special wines.

Weinblume / Christrose

Wine aroma

Occasionally, this term is also used for the "flower of wine", the aroma, in the context of a wine tasting. In this respect, see also under Odour, Wine Appeal and Wine Evaluation.

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